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Asset Management

Companies who are expanding their business with retail stores want to maximize retail execution. Sales reps visiting retail stores need tools to support your sales strategies & objectives. They need complete visibility on accounts, history of previous visits to sell more products, shrink sales cycle and increase cashflow.

This app helps in ensuring that your brand and product strategies, tactics and objectives are being executed in a consistent and reliable way. Increase your retail footprint with the advent of enterprise mobility app for dealer management. This app will provide anywhere, anytime access to relevant information and functions from mobile devices. Usher huge improvement in productivity of visits by effective route planning, efficient sales order management & compliance checks.

Business Benefits

  • Enable sales team to manage Visits effectively
  • Get access to comprehensive customer insight
  • Respond quickly and make decisions faster
  • Proactively push sales by identifying selling opportunities
  • Increase Cash flow by getting visibility on overdue payments
  • Maximize investments in promotions"

Salient Features

  • Plan sales trips, make appointments, geo checking, check out, make notes, Daily sales reports
  • Account information- Details of Customer location, contact persons
  • Product catalogues
  • Current Order list & details with status, Order history, create new orders /re-order
  • Payment history and aging report
  • Dashboard of past summary sales
  • Inventory & price insights
  • Check compliances with pre-defined checklists
  • Track sales pipeline/ delivery status

Device Requirements

Can be accessed from any android, iOS mobile Smartphone or tablet. Google Android OS 4.3 onwards, Ios version 7 onwards * Can be accessed from browser based terminal/desktop/laptop * Available in offline as well as online

Technology and Software requirements

SAP UI5, SAP netweaver gateway, SAP ECC

Pricing and Support

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