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Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Enterprises are looking for innovative ways to mobilize data and information within and beyond organizations hierarchy. There are several challenges one encounters during this journey. Some major challenges are to comply with IT security policy, ability to manage devices, keep them upgraded, remotely control access and enablement of BYOD without compromising security policies.

SAP Afaria is a Mobile Device Management(MDM) platform extended by SAP as part of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). SAP Afaria is an on premises solution which allows IT organizations to manage device centrally with capabilties to enforce security policies across various mobile platforms. It allows IT orgnization a platform to manage, deploy, secure, lock down and decommision applications throughout its life cycle. SAP Afaria is also supported by SAP Analytics to help IT to analyze and build actionable insights.


  • Single console device tracking – Track and monitor all devices across the enterprise through a single admin console
  • Simplified Device Management - Central Console for remote Commissioning & Decommissioning
  • Real Time Cost Management - Using Automatic alerts and controls to prevent exceptional charges
  • Data Partitioning - Segregate personal and business uses on devices across device types
  • End-to-end security – Device-level user authentication & certificate based single sign-on to access back-end data securely
  • Robust analytics – for instant insight into mobile device usage and the ability to take immediate action
  • Ease of configuration – A self-service portal for user controlled app distribution “no touch” app configuration
  • Administrative task automation – automate common tasks and simplified workflows for policy creations using API layer

Manage & Secure Enterprise Devices

Vikalp offers Implementation services of SAP Afaria. Our experts conduct initial assessement of security policy, mobility roadmap, BYOD policies and applications to be ported. A comprehensive Implementation plan and go-live strategy is devised based on the initial study.

Our template based approach allows our experts to reduce overall implemenation period from months to weeks. Please contact us to know more about our Implementation services for Afaria.