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Kick Start with Over 400 SAP FIORI Apps

Implement in Weeks with Fixed Cost

The world is changing. Enterprise applications and adoption of them by user community is broadly dependent on "How easy it is for use?". IT investments can go in drain If the application is either not easy to use or does not provide a unified user experience across devices.

With more than 400 deployable applications, SAP FIORI stands out as a prominent choice for customers today. SAP Fiori delivers a personalized, role-based user experience for SAP software. Using modern design principles, it simplifies the UX across all lines of business, tasks, and devices – to reflect the way you actually work throughout your day. Traditionally, enterprise software is based on transactional processes but the SAP Fiori UX breaks from this approach and focuses on the users and their goals. By disaggregating transactional processes, SAP Fiori provides users with only the relevant tasks and activities they need to do their jobs.

Value Proposition

  • No extra SAP LICENSE cost
  • Boost user productivity and satisfaction
  • Achieve instant insight-to-action anytime and anywhere
  • Enable a holistic & consistent experience across devices
  • Get Operational in weeks
  • Unified, simple & intuitive user experience
  • Leverage your SAP investments with lower IT costs
  • Over 400 readily available applications to extend in future

FIORI Implementation Approach

Vikalp offers Rapid deployment of fiori applications using templates built on SAP recommended best practices and lessons learned during implmentations. Our approach is optimized for FIORI application implemenation with or without SAP HANA platform. We offer “Fixed price” implementation within a defined deployment timeline, to mitigate the cost & schedule challenges customer.

Our development methodology is integrated with our implementation templates to cater to any custom extensions or new FIORI applicaitons. We offer custom extensions or integration of other applications with FIORI Launchpad using FIORI Toolkit or webIDE.


Vikalp will work with your team to build roadmap for Mobility to align critical business functions with FIORI applications and SAP future roadmap.

Rapid Deployment

Using SAP's RDS guidelines and taking advantage of our immense enterprise mobility experience we cut down Implementations cycle to weeks.

Custom Extension

At times, custom extensions are required on top of FIORI. Vikalp will develop extensions using its pre-built templates for various business functions.