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SAP Mobile platform + SAP HANA Cloud Platform

A new way to build innovative, user-focused apps

Enterprises reinvent their processes and mobilize them rapidly. To support such dynamics, IT require a mobile platform which is scalable, secure, cost effective, resonates best practices and supports easy deployment of applications. SAP helps you take advantage of mobile’s endless business opportunities with secure access to back-end systems, perfect visibility into operations, and dramatically increased productivity due to a user-friendly environment.

Enterprises can rapidly build and deploy innovative apps with SAP’s mobile application development platform (MADP) whether on the cloud or on-premise. SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and SAP Mobile Platform make it easy to offer user-centric mobile apps that work on any device and engage customers and employees for improved operations, increased loyalty, and reduced support costs.

Value Proposition

  • Supports Native and Hybrid development
  • Out of the Box Offline support
  • Easy Application Lifecycle management
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Secure, managed and controlled
  • Access to multiple data sources
  • Seamless Application versioning
  • Delivers Personalized Use Experience

SMP Implementation Approach

Our experts can assist you identify use-cases; select appropriate technology for use-cases, implementation & support of the SMP based applications. Vikalp has built several SMP based applications enabling customers to take advantage of the robust SMP platform by quickly developing and deploying mobile applications. Our development approach has been refined for SMP Implementation with or with out SAP HANA.


During this phase our team discovers Customer's SAP installation, existing mobility platform & roadmap and future use cases for mobility. Our aim is to protect and re-use the SAP investment already done by Customer without compromising the future roadmap.

Technology Selection

Technology selection is imperative as SMP based applications can be built on Native OS, KAPSEL based or FIORI base. Our team identifies technology based on the usage, licenses, Deveice or OS dependent features or other unique factors.

Rapid Deployment

Vikalp's framework and template library has many ready-to-use features. Customers can take advantage of the pre-built advance features from Vikalp's Templates. Our team reuses the framework components to expedite the deployment.